… La Peninsula

I don't actually know why I decided to spend my exchange semester in Spain in 2006. After Slovenia, I had looked at Portugal as an option, but due to the language barrier and since I'd had Spanish in high school without ever visiting Spain - apart from a childhood holiday to Tenerife a long time ago - I figured Spain was the place to go.

But it was more than that. There seemed to be something mystical about the country. I'd inherited my mother's Spanish books Eso Es 1 - Spanish for beginners, which had a decidedly 1970's look with an orange coloured front page and dusty pencil drawings. It made me think of Spain as some sort of the Wild West. A dusty prairie of sun burned grass.

I got accepted as an exchange student at Facultad de Ciencias de la Información at Universidad Complutense de Madrid for the Autumn Semester 2006 and decided to travel around the vast country prior to my studies.

These blogs are from this journey through Spain, Morocco and Portugal.


Madrid - the Journey Begins

I am really looking forward to returning and getting to know Madrid better. To think that this will be my home for five months.

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