… La France

Moulin Rouge

Europe holds many treasures, but none as iconic as the French capital. This is a city shrouded in mystery and extravagance, a puzzle of both rich and poor. Dirty yet beautiful.

Through family I have connections to Paris and with a stroke of luck I was able to borrow a wonderful apartment in the diverse and buzzing 18e arrondissement only a short walk from the ever romantic and artistic Montmartre.

I spent my days learning French and my afternoons reading old speeches from the European Commission as a part of my thesis work. Any free time I spent outside strolling the streets of Paris.


L'Etoile de Montmartre in Rue Marcadet in the 18th

Bistro, Bar, Brasserie, Restau... S'il vous plaît...

In Paris there are more corner bistros than there are corners.

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Moulin Rouge by Night

Paris de nuit

There is something about this lady and all her pearls and diamonds and the run down and hard face that tells a story of a life long lived. When I look at her, I think of Paris.

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Chez Lucette

Chez Lucette

Inside, Lucette's is a bright place with a dominance of lightblue objects and stucco. There is quite a lot of plastic green plants and a homey atmosphere.

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The 18th featured

18e - mon quartier

You might say that I live at a crossroad in between tourists, old ladies and immigrants. Thus, depending on my direction I will end up in completely different areas, each beautiful and in its own way distinctly Parisian.

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African masks at the flea market on Rue Ordener
Place Pelissière in Bergerac
Houses in Bergerac

Bergerac Has More Than a Big Nose

For some reason the straw bag is extremely famous in Aquitaine. Even the little girls out shopping with their mothers carry around their own straw bags, and the most visited stand at the market is the one selling straw bags.

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Miroir d'eau des quai

Bordeaux - La Belle au bois dormant

So, here I am, in Bordeaux, exploring France beyond the perimeters of île-de-France.

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A spot on the balcony

Gallery: Bordeaux Doors and Details

Bordeaux is a magnificent city with beautiful limestone houses which dominate the large centre. Yet no two houses are the same for the city is so rich in detail with intricate doorways or artistic balconies.

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French balcony
Je t'aime
The football wizz of Montmartre

A Different Walking Tour of Chateau Rouge and Montmartre

For the next 6 hours Luis would take us through Chateau Rouge, Montmartre and Pigalle talking about known as well as unknown facts on the way.

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Paris Street Art

Gallery: Paris Street Art

While Paris is known for its beauty and romantic atmosphere, one of the things I love the most about the city is all the little pieces of street art hidden on the house facades and traffic signs not to mention the areas where stencils and graffiti dominate the area. Here are a few of the pieces I've come across.

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Paris 2012