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Kyoto rickshaw

Ever since I was a little girl I have had a dream to visit Japan. My neighbour was Japanese and I grew up with Japanese food, treats and evening news (which were often running around midday).

My boyfriend has always been a vivid fan of manga and animé and drawn to Japanese culture and history. Thus, it seemed obvious that Japan would be the destination for our next big trip.

We are going in the summer months when the islands are hot and humid and you can almost drink the air. But despite the lack of red and orange colours on the trees and the blossoming cherry trees, summer in Japan is a beautiful and charming period. This country is so beautiful that any season has its own magic.

For three weeks we are travelling on the central island, Honshū. We will begin our trip by watching the sumo final in Nagoya before heading north to the mystical Japanese Alps where we will visit Matsumoto, Kamikochi, Takayama, Ainokura and Kanazawa. Our second week will be spent in Kyoto with daytrips to Osaka and Nara, while we will end our travel with eight days in the metropole above all others, Tokyo.

Summer is coming…

The Japanese Alps



A few hours later we both woke up refreshed and in great need of something to eat. I imagine it was dinner time in Denmark. Eating a few leftover biscuits from our flight we finally had the feel that we were here, in Japan…

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Sumo featured

Gallery: the Senshuraku

Sumo is a fascinating sport full of traditions and mysteries. It is also extremely funny to Watch alongside hardcore Japanese fans. Here are a few of my many many Photos from the 2015 Senshuraku in Nagoya.

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Danish Bar

The List of Weird: Nagoya

Being in Japan it is obvious that some things will be different, some of it weird, some of it ingenious. In the following I've collected a list of those things which surprised us while walking around Nagoya.

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It is hard to imagine that fully armed samurai have been running through this castle with its many floors and narrow and steep staircases, getting ready to battle the enemy.

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The route from Taisho Pond to Tashiro Pond
Taisho Pond

Hirayu and Kamikochi

It was so peaceful and wonderful standing there at the shore of Taisho Pond gazing at the mountains in the background as they played with the morning clouds.

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Jinya-mae Market


Three words are synonymous with Japanese summer: hani, yukata and hanabi.

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Dinner is served around a fireplace with a large pot hanging from a massive hook in the ceiling. Guests are placed in a circle around the fireplace, which makes it easy to converse, but also a bit embarrassing for those of us not used to eating with chopsticks.

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Fish and miso on the fire in Ainokura
Japanese restaurant

Kanazawa: 日 1

I quickly came to realise that the synthetic cocktails served at the place were named after the characters represented on the desk. Thus, my menu this evening became a long line of animé characters such as Mami and Kyoko from Puella Magi.

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Higashi Chaya

Kanazawa: 日 2

Fortunately the synthetic drinks from last night didn't leave me with much of a hangover, and once again we made it to Nagamachi - this time in daylight.

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Fish at Omisho Market

Gallery: Omisho Market

I have tried to limit my photos from Kanazawa, but I have always had a weakness for markets and I simply have to share some of the many delicacies one can get at Omisho Market in Kanazawa. Enjoy!

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Nijo-jo featured

Kyoto: 日 1

But according to the sweet older lady behind the counter, the restaurant had run out of pasta and we ended up with rice dishes instead. What are the odds!

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Modern Times
Yasaka Shrine

Kyoto: 日 2

However, I must admit that I was contemplating taking the plunge as we were stuck between large masses of tourist groups on the stage in the middle of the terrifying humidity. It might have been the easiest way down.

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Kyoto: 日 3

So we played a little game called getting away from the pink couple as we slowly made our way down the Philosopher's Path.

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Spirit of the Isis

Spirit of the Iris

I found this pretty doll in Kyoto. He is an almost exact replica of the Spirit of the Iris from the Noh play Kakitsubata which we saw in Kanazawa.

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Sanshu-tei Tea House in Isuien Garden
Fushimi Inari Taisha

Day trip to Fushimi Inari Taisha and Nara

They came from nowhere, this mean group of deer and snatched our map right out of my hand.

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View of Kinkakuji - the Golden Pavillion

Kyoto: 日 5 - Northwest Kyoto

The misty morning had turned into a beautiful day and in this very moment, at this place I felt peaceful. It made me appreciate even more the wabi-sabi of Japanese culture.

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Wooden pathways of Tenryū-ji Temple

Kyoto: 日 5 – Arashiyama

We started our visit with a bit of refreshment in the way of green tea and Japanese sweets, in the cooling shade at the charming tea ceremony room Tekisui-an.

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Evening in Dotonbori

Day trip to Osaka

Surrounded by the neon lights and massive commercials in Osaka's Dotonbori, I can only come to the conclusion that Japan's third largest city has been worth every minute we spent here.

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A night out in Dotonbori

Gallery: Den-Den Town and Dōtonbori

Osaka by night is a world all on its own. I had to make this gallery to do the place and the people justice.

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Ginza featured

Tokyo 日 2: Car free day in Ginza

Japanese city maps which are placed around to help guide tourists and visitors rarely point north. Their top will always be the direction in which you stand when looking on the map.

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View of Shinjuku

Tokyo 日 3: Exploring Shinjuku, Harajuku and Shibuya

While the servers might have been slightly stressed when we changed tables, I think they forgave us the chaos as they saw our awe of the view.

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Ema - Votive Plagues
Getting ready to climb Mount Fuji
Canoes at Lake Kawaguchiko

Day trip to Mount Fuji

We'd seen tame deer in Nara and now we got to see wild monkeys at the foot of Mount Fuji. As if Japan couldn't get any more amazing.

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Quick lunch at Tsukiji Fishmarket

Tokyo 日 5: The Royal Homes, Tsukiji fish market and a boat trip to Asakusa

I have never and will probably never taste sushi as fresh as that at the small sushi joint we found near Tsukiji Market. These places are known to serve only the latest caught fish from the market next door, and oh my goodness can you taste it.

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Shimokitazawa shopping

Tokyo 日 6: Shimokitazawa and kimono hunting in Harajuku

After nearly three weeks of sightseeing and so many impressions, I decided on a slow day. My boyfriend was off on his own discovering other parts of Tokyo, but I needed a quiet day without too much walking.

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The Garden of Unborn Children

Tokyo 日 7: Roppongi, Tokyo Tower and Ueno

So off course I placed myself on the top of the Yūyake Dandan stairs, to capture this famous view of one of Tokyo's few remaining traditional areas.

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Tokyo 日 8: Akihabara and a night out taking photos

Before going to Japan my impression of the animé and manga culture was rather innocent. It was all excessive cuteness and pretty costumes. But after three weeks here the cuteness has turned sour.

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Ginza bar

Gallery: People of Tokyo

Somewhere along the way, I have managed to take some photos of a small portion of the many million people you might meet in Tokyo. All of them so very different from one another. This gallery is made up of a few of those photos.

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Sensō-ji temple and Nakamise Street

Temples, Castles and Shinto Shrines...

After three weeks in Japan it is time to bring forth the cultural calculator:

Castles: Nagoya-jō, Matsumoto-jō, Kanazawa-jō, Nijo-jō, Ōsaka-jō, Tokyo Imperial Palace.

Buddhist temples: 22, Shinto shrines: 7, Villas: 2,
Samurai houses: 1, Gardens: Never enough...