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There is Something about Vilnius

I constantly think that Vilnius holds some secret that I have yet to discover. Perhaps it is best to explain it by saying that there is simply something about Vilnius.

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Inside the shop, when I told the clerk that a trash can was on fire outside, the answer I received was "Yes, doesn't it smell bad".

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Favourite Vilnius

A cat is not obliged to love its master, but it must help him in difficult times.

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From Kaliningrad with Love

The old officer placed a cap on my head, stole my camera, took a picture and said that now I was in the Soviet army. Thank you, sir!

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Siauliai - Buses and Crosses

Leaving the Hill of Crosses one does have a distinct feeling that one has seen quite enough crosses to last a life time.

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Gallery: Warsaw

Gallery: Tallinn

Following John Reed through Saint Petersburg

There are some cities in the world which one has to visit at least once in a life time. One of them is the majestic city of Saint Petersburg

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