Zadar 7 Hours in a Bus, Sightseeing and a Big Computer Hell

With my camera in one hand and a bottle of water in the other, I walked, what seemed to me, all the streets of this magnificent city.

Boys at the water in Zadar

Yesterday, I arrived in Zadar. I was more than tired as I returned since I’d spent seven hours from early morning in a bus, driving down the Croatian coast. Fortunately, I sat on the right side of the bus, and had a constant and beautiful view of the Adriatic Sea, as it slowly changed colour as the morning progressed.

At the steps in Zadar

When I finally arrived and after finding the hostel, it was already past midday. The question arising was whether I should just stay on the beach and relax or if I should take a trip into the historic centre of Zadar. Not wanting to loose out on exploring the city, I chose the latter.

Church in Zadar

With my camera in one hand and a bottle of water in the other, I walked, what seemed to me, all the streets of this magnificent city. In the afternoon not many tourists had left the beach area of Borik, so I found the centre quite nice and relaxed, though with a little too many souvenir shops.

In the shop where I bought the sunblock – which I at this time really need, considering the temperature are 30+° C – I got a chat with a local who, as many before her, was happily surprised that I could utter a few phrases in Croatian and began rapidly explaining everything in the local tongue.

Women at the Church in Zadar

What we talked about, I have no idea, but I asked her for a place to eat which was good and known by the locals. After a little more sightseeing I entered the Dva Ribara which she had shown me on the map and had a nice tortelini sa sirom, which I enjoyed fully after the half-dry bread I had been making myself eat as breakfast on the bus.

Zadar Old Town 03

Internet is not a Croatian phenomenon

As I was now full and energetic I started looking for an internet café and here I would like to give Zadar a minus. At the first internet café I went into I wasn’t allowed to use USB-access. The second was at the hostel where I spent two hours with a very slow connection that I finally gave up on. I feel like I’ve spent most of my time searching for USB-access in Zadar, just so my mother can be sure I’m okay. What you wouldn’t do for your mother.

Zadar street

On my second day, I’ve finally found a proper internet access, but aye no way to connect my camera.

I think I deserve to spend the rest of the day shopping and at the beach

Sunset over Zadar

So let’s start the day and see where it leads us!


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