The List of Weird: Nagoya

Being in Japan it is obvious that some things will be different, some of it weird, some of it ingenious. In the following I’ve collected a list of those things which surprised us while walking around Nagoya.

Danish Bar

There is no doubt about Japan being fundamentally different from anything else. This is a country that was closed off from the world for 200 years, lost a world war, and became one of the most advanced societies in the world in the decades after. As such Japan has in many ways developed differently from the rest of the industrialised world.

Where to throw garbage?

For instance it has been extremely hard to find a trash can, and each time we’ve opted for buying an ice-cream in a convenience store to settle our overheated selves, we have been incapable of getting rid of the leftover garbage.


I imagine that it is due to the fact that the Japanese when finishing up at the toilet are sprayed with water rather than using toiletpaper, but I have yet to find any soap in public toilets – even those which do not offer music and hosing down.


While soap is missing, the Japanese public toilets offer a small seat for babies to be placed in while their mother conducts her business. It is rather ingenious in one way, but rather disconcerting in the other.

The uniformed white short
The uniformed white short
Black and white

No I am not referring to the Michael Jackson song, rather to the standard outfit of Japanese workers. It seems that men and to a certain extent women wear black trousers and a white shirt to work. I’d love to see what happens the day one of them shows up at work with a bit of Italian inspiration – a pink polo-shirt.

Danish Bar?

To a Dane this so-called Danish Bar is very odd. Whether Danish refers to the pastry or the nationality – the colours indicate the latter – it does not seem very Danish at all. Perhaps Japanese will find Danes quite odd as well when they come to Copenhagen and discover a real Danish Bar.

Danish Bar - Japanese style
Danish Bar – Japanese style

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