Real Slovene Reggae

I went with three friends, two tents, four sleeping bags, one sleeping matt and lots of energy.

Soca Reggae River Splash

For my last days in Slovenia, I chose to join the very well-known and highly spoken of Soča Reggae Riversplash festival in Tolmin.

I went with three friends, two tents, four sleeping bags, one sleeping matt and lots of energy. We hitch hiked from Ljubljana in couples, and my hitch hiking partner and I came on quite some travel, including a small detour to Logatec, a stop and confusion in Idrija, ending at a café and finally a ride with two guys, who where desperate for some joint paper.

Bridge on the way to Tolmin

First view of the camp

When we finally arrived the tents where already put up and it took no expert to see the greater problem. One of the tents looked as if it was bought in a joke shop. It was tiny. Still laughing about the tent we decided to sleep four people in the other two-persons tent and keep all our backpacks in what we from then on would refer to as the luggage-tent.

Our luggage tent

Unfortunately, that night it started raining heavily and the thunder and lightening seemed to hit right by our tent. It would have been wonderful to listen to if not for the concern we felt for the other tent. A concern which the next day seemed rightful. The luggage was dripping with water and the tent was a swimming pool.

Even though I come from Denmark and think that a festival ain’t a real festival without a mud bath, I believe this to be a little too much for me. We felt like drowned mice! The next couple of days the weather changed a bit and our luggage-tent survived against all odds, while our clothes slowly began to dry up.

Separated toilets, Slovene mentality and camping feelings!

The festival itself was rather funny to experience. I have never before been at a festival where there are signs on the toilets making them out to be for men or women, and the most amazing fact was that the Slovenes actually kept that rule. All the toilets with an icon of a man could be free and still there would stand a line of girls waiting for the occupied toilets with an icon of a woman.


Most of the festival seemed more like quiet camping – though with an extreme high rate of joints circulating. Nothing extraordinary was happening, no funny stories to tell later. It was like the festival feeling never really came. Maybe because of the first nights heavy rain or maybe because Slovenes just don’t know what to do at a festival.

But what about the music!

But the most important part of any music festival will be the bands, and it is no different at Soča Reggae Riversplash. There where some really great bands and this comes from a girl, who doesn’t know much more than the name Bob Marley, when it comes to the reggae-genre.

I saw Israel Vibration, a fantastic Jamaican band so old that they had to use walking sticks, but still so energetic, that they made the crowd cry for more.

I experienced a French guy saying “merci to you, you, you, you…” for half an hour to the approximately 20 people present!

And a Bosnian Rastafari band calling themself Dubioza Kolektiv. They were great, and, according to a friend of mine, on their way up! Many other bands played too, some good some bad, but all in all great to experience!

Soca River

This was my mini festival in Tolmin! And I’m sure I shall often recall it on other festivals when the pissed-all-over-fences and over-shitted-toilets get to much.


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