First Stop … Pula!

The centre of Pula is beautiful. Anyone interested in history would walk around with open mouth and eyes out the forehead.

amphitheater 01

Yesterday, I left my boyfriend in Ljubljana in order to travel out on this my bildungsreisen or educational travel as I consider it to be. My first stop is Pula in Istria, Croatia.

I had feared to feel very alone already on the first day, but I soon found myself having received one phone number from a very helpful girl who, if I was in any troubles, had friends all over Croatia and was arranging launch parties. By getting this reception at my arrival I forgot my sorrow over the good-bye the same morning and cheerfully went to the hostel – which I found rather uninteresting.


I decided to leave for the city centre, since I only had one day to see this friendly city. On my way to the bus I met a local man picking plums from a tree by shaking it strongly. I thought I would try out my Slovene/Croatian and ended up with a handful of plums. Already the day seemed to be a good one. I feel kind of sad that I did not have more time on my travel to enjoy this town – not so much in order to see the centre which is done in a few hours, but so that I could sit in a café, soaking up the life of the locals.

Croatian flag

Pula centre

The centre of Pula is beautiful. Anyone interested in history would walk around with open mouth and eyes out the forehead. Not only are there several Roman-ruins throughout the centre as well as an amphitheatre, which is looking much the same as The Colosseum in Rome – though on a smaller scale. The normal houses are also all beautifully made and have not seen masonry in several years, which give them a wonderfully cracked charm and character.

Fortress tower in Pula

As I arrived to the amphitheatre I had a nice talk with a local waitress at a nearby café – once again marvelling at the friendliness of people. After a bijela kava (café latte) and a bit to eat, I turned towards the amphitheatre. But not long after it started raining massively. My only option was to find shelter at the closest café, and waiting out the heavy rain I had to satisfy myself with another bijela kava, which meant that when the rain stopped I was full to the brim.

Street in Pula

I ended the day with a walk at the harbour and a gaze at the Roman forum, because what is an old Roman city without a forum. After my first full day of sightseeing, I took the bus to my tourist hostel/camping resort where I read a bit before heading off to bed.

Boats in Pula harbour

That was my day in Pula! I truly hope this was not my last visit, mostly because I really enjoyed meeting all the friendly locals.

Next stop is Zadar further south on the Croatian coast.

Sunset in Pula


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