Back in Dirty Athens

I left Santorini yesterday. It was nice to finally leave the island, though it has been great, but I started feeling that I did nothing with these precious days of holiday, – except trying to get a little more brown, which is and always has been impossible for me.

Athens Old and New

There were people it was sad to say goodbye to, but that is life and that is travelling. You meet so many people and some of them you are destined to like. All you can do afterwards is remember the great days you had together.

Change of plans

I got hold of my mum through a public phone booth. The reason was the unexpected news that I has to start University not in the first week of September, but already on August 29. This happens to be the day before I return to Denmark.

Thus I’ve spent countless hours attempting to move my flight, but it is more than difficult to get a decent conversation going with Czech Airlines. All they could tell me was that I was on a waiting list.

The stress regarding the possibility that I might miss out on my first day had me break down in that public phone booth outside a supermarket on Santorini. The uncertainty also affected the planned week with my boyfriend back in Ljubljana before I had to leave for good.

If only I knew when I’d return home, I’d know if I could cut off my travels early to return to Ljubljana before planned.

Fortunately, the organisation which sent me to Ljubljana to begin with handled the situation and got me a ticket out of Ljubljana on August 25. This unfortunately is a few days before planned and I hate to be stressed when I return. But at least I can start planning.

However, as the time schedule finally came about, I started suffering from a pain in my throat which I am pretty sure is caused by the immense amounts of chlorine in the swimming pool.

In Athens, I had to change my plans of taking the night train to Thessaloniki and in stead loose a day in Athens. I’d really hoped to get a chance to see Thessaloniki, but with my much tighter schedule and the loss of a day, I have to skip that stop and go directly onwards to Skopje.

I guess I’ll see you in Skopje then!


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