About Zofka

As long as I can remember I have been drawn to the world and dreamt of exploring new cultures and places. I have also had an almost neurotic need to document my travels in the hopes that my memories will not fade.

This blog is merely an attempt to structure this documentation, while exploring the many new possibilities on the world wide web. The blog began as an account on travelblog.org during my last days in Slovenia in 2005, and the first many blogs are written for my family and friends to follow my travels through first the Balkans and later La Peninsula.

Viking woman

But as time has passed, I have become more obsessive in my neurosis, and my blogs more elaborate. They no longer simply cover the generic and superficial travel adventures of an early-twenties solo female traveller

Now they include long descriptions on all from English Afternoon Tea to the origin of various Kyoto temples. They include elaborate reiterations on where in New York or London I've been, because these cities are so huge and my blog has become a way of keeping track of which parts of such cosmopolitan cities I have traversed.

All of this might be to your liking, and perhaps you will find some useful information somewhere hidden, or ideas for your own journeys. Maybe they will bring forth your own memories of all the slightly different ways they do it in Japan.

Maybe, you will find them tiresome or boring and feel more inclined to visit Wikipedia. Or perhaps, you'll just enjoy the photos, which I have chosen amongst my vast collection.

No matter what, you are welcome to have a look at my journal, and comment on what you read. Most of all I love suggestions for new places to visit.