Zofka and

Zofka and...

The Wall

Pieces of Europe

Europe is home. A backyard. A place to belong. While the cultures and societies of Europe are distinctly different, I have always felt a belonging to the continent - much more than to the small tip attached to the northern shores of Germany.

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A two weeks journey around Disko Bay and Kangerlussuaq in Western Greenland in 2018.

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African Adventures

Stories from journeys to the South

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View of Manhattan from World Trade One

Northeastern US

Two weeks under the autumn foliage of New York and New England.

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Kyoto rickshaw


Three hot and humid weeks in the peak of the Japanese summer. 

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The Middle East

Travelblogs from backpacking through Israel and Jordan.

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Moulin Rouge

La France

Europe holds many treasures, but none as iconic as the French capital. This is a city shrouded in mystery and extravagance, a puzzle of both rich and poor. Dirty yet beautiful.

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North America

Travelblogs from my journey across Canada and the US from Edmonton and Vancouver to Detroit and T'ronto.

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Eastern Europe

Blogs from my internship in Vilnius and my visits to other parts of Lithuania as well as the neighbouring countries.

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Mount Kazbeg


Blogs from my backpacking through the most Eastern part of Europe - the Caucasus countries: Azerbaijan, Georgia and Armenia.

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La Peninsula

The travelblogs from my backpacking trip through Spain and Portugal and following Erasmus in Madrid.

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Stari Most with workers


I was fortunate to find a way to explore the world after graduating high school. Through the European Volunteer Service under the European Union, I got the chance to work in Ljubljana, Slovenia for a year after which I travelled through ne of the most fascinating parts of the world - the Balkan Peninsula.

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